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Sérgio Helle ( 1964 BR )


 Sérgio Helle lives and works in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil. Sérgio develops his work mixing the newest digital tools with traditional drawing and painting techniques. With a 29-year career, he is one first artists from Ceará to utilize computers as an artistic tool, having had, back in 1995, his first exhibit using digital prints. With the digital print “Paixão”, he was awarded the Print Award in 2001 Salão de Abril. About that work, Herbert Rolim has said, in a book about the nationwide celebrated Salão de Abril: “It was the first case of a digital print appearing in Salão de Abril records, recognized as a new category”. With that work, the artist was invited to participate in that year´s Bienal do Mercosul.

ARTIST STATEMENT “My work has been developed by using different techniques. At first there were oil paintings, then acrylic and mixed techniques, with more and more materials incorporated along the way. In the mid-nineties the computer was used as a tool in a discreet manner but then it became fundamental to my work. The link between painting and new techniques work as if two moments in time bang together, reinventing and merging pigments and pixels. The final results are digital prints on screens, usually large format paintings and mixed techniques previously structured on the computer. While they are digital prints I do consider them as painting, a kind of reinvented painting in this complex fabric of relations between the traditional and the technological.

Information Technology has revolutionized all working fields, and although everything is still fairly new, currently numerous artists use the computer as an instrument for creation. One of the results of these experiences is the digital print, which utilizes the concepts of traditional engraving like xilo, metal and litho, contributing to the enrichment of engraving as a technique and way of communication. The matrix of the digital print is a digital file. Instead of a burin, a drypoint and a gouge engraving the wood or metal, the artist utilizes a digitalization desk, a mouse and an image editing software. Plotters and printers are used for printing and several materials are used. The printmaking is considered original when is signed and numbered by the artist. The computer is not utilized as a mere instrument for reproducing the work; instead it is used for creation, offering several resources and unlimited colors and shades. Since it is multiple, the printmaking has a lower cost than the painting, which makes the artistic creation more accessible. Nevertheless, this doesn’t make it a less significant type of work. Printmaking belongs to one of more notable chapters in history of human beings, who have discovered in each era a suitable instrument to support it.”