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Sergei Bespamyatnykh (1970 RU)


Born in 1970 in Bacal, Chelyabinsk region. Lives and works in Novosibirsk. In 1995 he graduated from the Novosibirsk Institute of Architecture, specialty “Architecture of civil buildings.” Since 1995 he has been working as a freelance artist and takes part in exhibitions. In addition to paintings, sometimes engaged in interior design, decorative reliefs and wall paintings, creates installations and objects to exhibitions. Operates in a manner “psihomehanicheskogo formalism”, where the main value is the composition, the color-shape, semi-abstract figures shows objects that express, various emotional feelings.

COLLECTIONS Museum of Contemporary Art Erarta, St. Petersburg; Novosibirsk State Art Museum, Novosibirsk; Tomsk Regional Art Museum, Tomsk; Gallery “GreenPyramid”, Sevastopol; Russian and foreign private collections. Listofpicturesphotos 01 I am 02 Funny miners, 85×130, oil on canvas, 1997 03 Closet, 70×80,oil on canvas, 2000 04 Sable in the tank, 60×80, oil on canvas, 2014 05 Daisies, 105×150, oil on canvas, 2014 06 Funny pipe, 105×150, oil on canvas, 2014 07 Turbo whale, 47×62, paper ink, 2000 08 An experienced elephant, 47×62, paper ink, 2001 09 Turtle, 47×62, paper ink, 2002 10 Apple Soldiers, 47×62, paper ink, 2003 11 Bird with horns, 47×62, paper ink, 2006 12 Lawnmower, 120×180,paper acrylic, 2012 13 Sitting Bull, 120×180, paper acrylic prints, 2013 14 Endless compromise, 120×180,paper acrylic, 2013 15 Electric boxing, 62×94, paper acrylic, 2014 16 Santa Claus Whale, 62×94, paper acrylic, 2014