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Qian Sihua (1963 CN)


EDUCATION 1981 FuJian Arts Design School 1987 Academy of Arts and Design Tsinghua University Beijing GROUP EXHIBITIONS 20-25 July 11 INT.Sculpture Symposium Davos (Swissland) 22.Jun-27.June The XX International woodsculpting Symposium (Kemijarvi Finland) 4.Jun-4-July 2015 Sculpture by the sea Aarhus (Denmark) 11 Oct-28 Oct Ping Tan International sculpture symposium (China) 14Sep-9 Oct 2014 6th Tehran International sculpture symposium (Iran) 20-7 Oct 2013 Sculpture by the sea Bondi Australia 1-30 June 2013 Sculpture by the sea Aarhus Denmark September- October 2012 China National fine art Institute Exhibition Beijing August- September 2012 The 4 International Sculpture Symposium Autumn Inspiration. Penza Russia December 2011- July 2012 Chinese pose—The 2nd China Sculpture Exhibition Shanghai Beijing Wenzhou October- November 2010 China Taizhou International Urban Sculpture Symposium Taizhou September- October 2010 Korea-China Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition Korea August- September 2010 Nanjing Rode. Shanghai Sichuan Exhibition of Contemporary sculpture Shanghai August- September 2010 China Tangshang International Urban Sculpture Symposium Tangshang July- August 2009 XinJIang International Cities Sculpture Symposium Xinjiang 13-27 June 2009 12° International Symposium of Stone Sculpture in Friuli Venezia Giulia Italy April-May 2009 The Lives Sculptures exhibition Beijing April-May 2009 A hundred of Sculptors of China exhibition Beijing 15-25 October 2008 Lihuaisu Fine art museum Annual Sculpture nomination Show Shanghai May- June

2008 Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Sculpture Exchange Shenzhen February-December 2007 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Overseas Exhibition 17cities around world March- April 2007 Shanghai International Cities Sculpture Annual Exhibition Shanghai November- December 2006 Harmony and Difference ChengDu July-August 2006 15th Lantern of the East International Exhibition, Modern Art Gallery Los Angeles, California. April- May 2006 Annual art exhibition in Fondazione Arkad Italy ary-December 2006 Excellent Works for ‘2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Designs competition Beijing Shanghai Xian Guanzhou Hongkong May-July 2005 Peace Prosperity Sculptures Exhibition Beijing Chanchun Xiamen Chongqin June-July 2004 The Cities Public Art Sculpture Exhibition shanghai September- October 2003 Beijing Biennale Sculpture Exhibition Beijing September- October 2003 New Figurative Sculpture Exhibition Chanchun November- December 2003 Xiamen International Cities Sculpture Symposium Xiamen July-Augest 2002 Beijing International Cities Sculpture Symposium Beijing December 2001-January 2002 Chengdu Fine Art Biennale ChengDu July-August 2001 In between -Qian sihua and Zhao Li sculpture Exhibition New Mexico U.S.A 10-25 October 2000 Academic Invitational show in Fall ChengDu September- October 2000 China Youth Artists works Exhibition Germany July- August 2000 ‘TEDA’ international Cities Sculpture Symposium Tianjing November- December 1999 China Contemporary Sculpture 33 Sculptors Works Exhibition Beijing September- October 1999 The 9th Chinese National Fine Arts Exhibition Beijing July-September 1999 Changchun International Sculpture Symposium Changchun April- May 1998 China modern Sculpture Exhibition Taibei September- October 1997 The 4th China Sport Fine art Exhibition Shanghai June-July 1997 China Contemporary sculpture Exhibition Beijing July-August 1996 60 Anniversary Fine Arts Exhibition For Commemorating Long March Victory of Red Army Beijing August-September 1995 Exhibition For Commemorating the 50 Anniversary of the victory of Anti Japanese War ChengDu November- December 1994 Excellent works Exhibition of The“8th National Fine Arts Exhibition Beijing May-June 1986 Youth Artists works Exhibition Beijing AWARDS 2014 jury special award 6th Tehran International sculpture symposium (Iran) “Listening to the Sea” Excellent works Ping Tan International sculpture symposium (China) 2012 “Our way “ awarded Bronze medal of Hua Tianyou Sculpture Award China 2008 “Five Element “ Olympic Rings Award for Olympic public art exhibition China 2002 “Tian water” City Award for public sculpture China 1999 “Sunlight” awarded Bronze medal The 9th Chinese National Fine Arts Exhibition Beijing China 1999 “son of the earth” Awarded “4th Ba Shu Arts Prize” Sichuan 1994 “Road of Hope” Awarded “Excellent works” the 8th National Fine Arts Exhibition China PROFESSIONAL A First Grade of National Professional Artist China The Certificate of National Sculpture Initiation and Designing for Cities Certificate No.0712. COLLECTIONS 2015 “Tsing-Yi” Collected by Kemijarvi. Finland 2015 “Give Me a Kiss” Collected by Sculpturepark Billund. Denmark 2014 “Bubble No:7” Collected by Tehran City .Iran 2014 “listening to the Sea” Collected by PingTan City. China 2013 “Bubble No:5” Collected by Bestseller Company . Denmark 2013 “Bubble No:5” Collected by Chateau Vignelaure. France 2013 ‘Model of Bubble no:5” Collected by AROS. Denmark 2012 “Work no:9” Collected by Hotel Chistie Prudi,. Russia 2012 “Our way” Collected by Huaiyin City. China 2010 “listening to the Sea” Collected by Taizhou City. China 2010 “Founds way no:2” Collected by Tangshang City China 2009 “Tian water” Collected by Urumqi City, China 2009 “Bubble No:1” Collected by Friuli. Italy 2008 “Five Element” Collected by Xiamen City. China 2008 “Unlimited” Collected by Beijing Olympic Park. China 2007 “SiSe” Collected by Shanghai Sculpture Central . China 2005 “The Gate of Prosperity” Collected by Xiamen City. China 2003 “Foundsway no:1” Collected by Xiamen City. China 2002 “Tian Water” Collected by Beijing International Sculpture Park. China 2001 “Tian Water Series” Collected by Cerrillos Cultural Center. U.S.A 2000 “Plume of the Sky” Collected by TADA. China 1999 “Sunlight” Collected by China Fine Art Museum. China 1999 “The Gate of Century” Collected by ChangChun International Sculpture Park. China 1996 “son of the earth” Collected by Chinese People’s Revolution Military Museum. China COMMISSIONS 2012-2013 “Eight Houses” Bronze 3000x200cm (Relief) “Dancer “ Bronze 175x120cm “Torso” Bronze 100x45cm “Work no: 8” Bronze 145x70cm Milan Beauty Hospital of Chengdu Sichuan 2012-2013 “Dream” Bronze 360x170cm Sha County Fujian 2012-2011 “ Love” Marble Painted Stainless steel 1000x900x600cm The First Teaching Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University Urumqi 2012-2011 “Work no: 3” Bronze 235x110x80cm Yilan Hotel Chengdu Sichuan 2011-2010 “ZiZhu Square Sculpture Project” Cooperated with Jesus Moroles Granite 5000x5000cm Shanghai Zizhu Science-Based Industrial Park Shanghai 2010 “Statue of Zhude” Marble 430x220cm Yilong ZhuDe Memorial Hall Sichuan 2006-2007 “The Story of Mahjong” Painted Aluminium 400x160x40cmx2 Chengdu Mahjong Museum Sichuan 2005 “Chinese Traditional Medical (Relief) sandstone 560x380cm Neijian Traditional Medical Hospital Sichuan 2004-2005 “Apostle” Bronze 130cmx12 Chendu Catholic Church Sichuan 2004 “Brilliant Are the Sunlight and the Moonlight” (Relief) Granite 3800x350cm Southwestern University of Finance and Economic Sichuan 2004 “The Sound of Bamboo” Bronze and cooper 400x240cm Xian Shanxi 2003-2004 “Bamboo. Stream” Granite Glass Stainless stell 1200x300cm Shifang zhuxi Park Sichuan 2003-2004 “ Monumental of Shu” Granite 800x3400cm Chengdu Sichuan 2003 “Light of the City” Granite 850x350cm Shifang Sichuan 2001-2003 “Nanming Riverside Sculpture Project” 2 kilometer Granite Sandstone Guiyang Guizhou 2003 “Spring Time” Marble 320x320cm Guiyang Guizhou 2001 “Columns of four season” Marble Glass 600x90cmx6 Nanming Plaza Guiyang Guizhou 2000-2001 “Statue of GuanGong” Cooper 1600cm Panyu Guandong 1999 “Yaks “ Marble 280x800cm kuenming yunnan 1999 “Opening” Stainless Steel 600x600cm Shenzhen Guandong 1996 “Monumental for Martyr” Bronze 350x200cm Chengdu Sichuan 1996 “Harvest” Stainless Steel 1280x600cm Chengdu Sichuan 1995 “Ding of Three Kingdoms” Bronze 520×450 Wuhan Hubei 1994 “Oath” Bronze 250x340cm Wuhan Hubei 1993 “ Steel workers” Stainless Stell 350x700cm Chengdu Sichuan 1991 “Statue of Chenzian” Marble 160x55cm Shehong Sichuan 1990 “Cui Hao with his Poem” (Relief) Granite 400x800cm Wuhan Hubei REVIEWS AND PUBLICITY Interview Sunway Magazine October 2009 PP.036-041 “My Sculpture and My Way” Author:Chenchen 1314 Magazine No:1 2009 PP.26-45 “Realist Art Details-The Qian Sihua Studio Interview” Author; Zhanyinchuan Publicity 2013 Sculpture by the sea Aarhus 2013 Cover Page 2012 Art.Classics art collections of China national academy of painting-sculpture PP.257-259 Tianjing Fine Art Publishing House 2012 China Sculpture Magazine May. 2012 PP. 28-29 back cover 2012 Collection of Reference no:8 2012 Qian Sihua’s Sculpture PP.34-40 2011 Chinese Pose-the 2nd China Sculpture Exhibition P.36 Hebei Publishing House 2011 2010 China Taizhou international urban sculpture symposium PP.43-44 2010 The 10th Shanghai Nanjing Road Sculpture Invitation Exhibition PP.60-63 Shanghai Fine Art Publishing House 2010 The Public Art Of Beijing Olympic P.109 Culture and Art Publishing House 2009 Collection of works from Urumqi international city sculpture creation camp Xinjing China pp.63-64 2009 “The Lives” P.47 China arts Publishing house 2008 “Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Sculpture Exchange “ PP.15-18 Sichuan Fine Art publishing house 2008 Olympics and Sculpture P.50 Civilization Publishing House 2007 Communication Between Sculpture and the City Annal Shanghai International Exhibition in 2007 P.88 Shanghai People’s Fine Arts Publishing House 2006 Concord But Diverse PP.60-63 Sichuan Fine Art Publishing House 2005 Peace Prosperity Sculptures Exhibition PP.9-12 Galaxy Publishing House 2003 China Changchun International Symposium Collection of Works P.173 Changchun Publishing House 2001 Changdu Biennale PP. 308-311 Sichuan Fine Art Publishing House 1994 Prize-Winning Art Works of The 8th Chinese National Art Exhibition