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Piero Ruggeri (1930 – 2009 IT)


Born in Torino on April 27 th 1930.
The successes came yearly. In 1956 and 1958 he was in the Italian Pavillon international biennal of Venise. 1960, he made a travel across some USA universities and museums. The same year, he was selected by the famous Charpentier gallery in Paris for a show ‘’ Painters of to day ‘’ France-Italie’’ the period was in love for the painting. Certainly, he was wounded when the time came of killing the painting to give place for new expressions, the market needs new produces for consumers. The dark period came, he continues to paint and step-by-step became indifferent to the attacks against pure painting.
The works of the last years reveal painter at the top of his art, working in a aristocratic manner, on the canvas he combines, light, beauty of the oil material, tender monochromes dark or red, making, strength of the touch. All contribute for doing the best of the complete works of Ruggeri, the last paintings.