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Park, Min Sub (朴 珉 燮)


Hongik University, College of Fine Arts, graduated from Department of Plastic Arts Private Exhibition 2016 Jang Eun Sun Gallery, Invitation Exhibition(Seoul) 2015 Insa Art Center(Seoul) 2014 Asan Gallery Invitational Exhibition(Asan) 2014 Gallery Mark Invitational Exhibition(Seoul) 2014 Seoul Arts Center, Hangaram Art Museum(Seoul International Sculpture Festa) 2013 Insa Art Center(Seoul) 2012 Jang Eun Sun Gallery, Invitation Exhibition(Seoul) 2005 Seoul Arts Center, Hangaram Art Museum(Seoul) 2004 Insa Art Center(Seoul) OPEN STUDIO 2004~2005 Goyang, Gusan­dong STUDIO Art Fair 2015 Goyang Art Festival (Ilsan Lake Park) 2015 Art Show Busan (BEXCO)  2014 KIAF/14(COEX) 014 Asia Hotel Art Fair(Seoul Lotte Hotel)




2014 Busan Art Market Affairs(BEXCO) 2014 Seoul Open Art Fair(COEX) 2014 Art Show Busan (BEXCO) 2014 Asia Hotel Art Fair (Hong Kong Marco Polo Hotel) 2013 Hong Kong Contemporary Art Fair (Grace Hotel) 2012 Beijing Art Expo(Beijing World Trade Center) 2011 Shanghai Art Fair(Shanghai Mart) China Invitation exhibit & Special exhibition 2015 Seoul International Sculpture Festa 2015(Enjoy the Sculpture!) Outdoor plaza 2015 Art travel –2, Treasure Island – Things that came back as art ­ (Yangpyeong Art Museum) 2015 International Horticulture Goyang Korea, Fragrant sculpture exhibit (Goyang Lake Park) 2014 Commemoration of the 3rd anniversary, outdoor installation exhibition­2 DREAM LIGHT (Yan gpyeong Art Museum) 2014 Beautiful world that sculptors are suggesting (Gwanghwamun Plaza) 2013 Korea­Japan Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shimiji Gallery (Yokohama) 2012 The flow of Korea­Japan contemporary art(Jeju International Arts Center) 2011 Hantangang River Contemporary Outdoor Sculpture Flow Exhibition 2010 Asan­si Outdoor Sculpture Invitation Exhibition (Yi Sun­Shin Sports Complex) 2009 The Great Admiral Yisunshin Festival, Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, Asan­Istanbul (Onyang Folk Museum Exhibition Room) 2009 GIAF Gwanghwamun Gate International Art Festival (Sejong Center for the Performing Arts) 2008 Leisurely Pace Exhibition (Jang Eun Sun Gallery) 2007 Goyang International Sculpture Symposium (Ilsan Aesthetics Plaza) 2006 Invitation Exhibition of artists from Asan(Asan Gallery) 2006 Shinhan Gallery(Theater Sculpture Project) Stray thoughts on rich and poor 2006 Paju Elementary School, 100th Anniversary Sculpture Invitational Exhibition 2005 Dangrim Museum (7th Anniversary Invitation Exhibition) 2004 Open Space Project (Sejong Center for the Performing Arts) Group Exhibition ( 1991~2013 ) Hongik Sculpture Exhibition(Arts & Culture Institute Art Museum) Korean Fine Arts Association Exhibition(Arts & Culture Institute Art Museum) Korean Sculpture’s Association Exhibition (Sejong Center for the Performing Arts) The Korean Figurative Sculpture Association Exhibition (Sejong Center for the Performing Ar ts) MBC Art Exhibition (Seoul Arts Center Museum) Korean Art Exhibition (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) Goyangsi Art Association Exhibition (Lake Gallery) Goyang Sculptor Association Exhibition(Ilsan Aesthetic Plaza) and more Award 1992 Korea Art Contest, special prize 1994­98 Korea Art Contest, selected 4 times 1990­93 MBC Art Contest, selected 2 times Possession of artwork Oedo Sculpture Park, Busan Sungshim Educational Institute(Busanjin Girls’ High School, Busan Yangjun g High School)bronze statue of the chief director The War Memorial of Korea, produced refugees parade sculpture (The War Memorial of Korea,) The War Memorial of Korea, produced weaponry generation sculpture (The War Memorial of Korea,) Invitation by JW Pharmaceutical Corporation, president and CEO’s sculpture Anyang­si, Hyeonchungtap Memorial Tower 12 statues Inside Yonsei University, Natural science ward, inside Chungpa Memorial Hall, a bust of Dr.Chungpa Sculpture of the deceased great men (King Sejong the Great and 9 others) The Bank of Korea, Daegu branch, Suwon­si Lotte Mart Cheoncheon branch Bust sculpture of Sun Star CEO, Urban Development Corporation, Shindaebang District Housing Corporation, Dongducheon, Songnae, Block 4, Mia­dong, Kyungnam Apartment Suwon­si Lotte Mart, Cheoncheon branch, Sungnam­si, Boondang­dong, Baekgoong Plaza Seoul­si, Yongbieocheonga, Fountain sculpture, Yangjae­dong, Hibrand Goyang­si, Haengshin­dong, SK Apartment, Ansan­si, Daewoo 8 Cha Prugio Apartment Anyang­si, Pyeongchon­dong, Kid’s Mom Center, Jechon Koaroo Apartment, Seoul­si, Mia­dong, Lotte Department Store, Geoje Koaroo Asan­si, Lotte Castle Apartment, Asan­si GS Xi Apartment, Asan­si, STX EduPark, Seoul­si, Samsung Remian Cheonan­si 3.1 Independence Movement Figure Statue Asan­si, Samsung Trapalace, Woosung Tower Seoul­si, Doosan We’ve Inchon­si, Golden Sky Gateway Yuhan University, produced the only doctor’s bust sculpture Moonkyung­si, Jeomchon Cultural Street Yonsei University, produced the only doctor’s bust sculpture Cheonan, Baekseok, I­Park 2 Cha Yangjisa Seoul­si, Dongja­dong, Ssangyong Officetel Currently: President of Goyang Sculpture’s Association, instructor of the University of Seoul Member of Hongik Sculpture Association, Korean Fine Arts Association, Korean Sculptor’s As sociation, Korean Figurative Sculptor’s Association


Work note: Dung beetle- Dung beetle in my work is a story about human life. Dung beetle is a small black insect that feed on cow dung or horse dung and was commonly found in the countryside in the past. ‘Dung Beetle‘ contains paradoxical story about circular structure of human life. ­Market day­ Carrying things on people’s head, back, and dragging… That‘s how it was then. Made my heart flutter with expectations As if it was a treasure or a honey jar…. That‘s how it was then. The thing inside a bundle is just a ball­shaped candy I bought at a market stall… That‘s how it was then. ­About pain- We experience great and small pains in life. But a timid person like me cannot make any specific reaction… So, I put those aching memory in artwork. ­To endure- I endured well today. The swordlike world! I need to put up and endure a lot if I want to live by my father’s name. Our fathers are enduring over and over again in such hardship and ordeals. ­To home…­ The day I harvested pumpkins I cherished~ I find myself whistling on my way home with pumpkins loaded on my old bicycle… ­Pierrot- Let’s look at the pain and sadness hidden behind his smile that makes people laugh with his ludicrous act!