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Kim Sook (1960 KR)


Solo Exhibitions 21times ; Chunghakdae Museum, ASAN Medical Center Gallery, Arisu Gallery, Sejong Gallery, Johyeong Gallery, etc ARTSEOUL, MANIF-Art Figuratif,MIAF, SCAF,Beijing798, Guanyintang Art Fair, etc. Group Exhibitions ; 2016~11 SOAF(COEX) 2016~13 Korea Galleries Art Fair(COEX) 2016 Korea-Greece “It is formative for peace” Exhibition 2016 Singapore Beauty In Grace Art Fair(Marina Bay Sands Hotel) 2016 GIAF2016(changwon CECO) 2016 Uijeongbu Arts Festival 2016 2016 Asia contemporary art fair(Hongkong Conrad Hotel) 2016 SEOUL CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR(COEX) 2015 SEOUL Art Show(COEX), 2015 BIAF(BEXCO),2015 BUSAN Art Fair(BEXCO) 2013 KIAF(COEX), 2013 AHAF-Asia Hotel Art Fair(Conrad Hotel) 2011 Daegu Art Fair(Daegu Convention Center) 2012 Dansung 4person Invitation Exhibition(Dansung Gallery), MESH Invitation Exhibition(Capital Gallery, Arthill Gallery, Miz Gallery) 2015~13 Uljin GeumgangPine Exhibition, 2014 Misulsegye Gallery Invitation Exhibition, etc. Including domestic and oversea group or invitation exhibitions 120 times. AWARD and OTHER CAREER Awards – Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Exhibition of Korea Watercolor Grand Competition, Korea Mokwoo Fine Arts Association Contest, etc Philosophy Children Book Collection –Pictures : Hello Platon [Not Good for Saving without Condition!] NOW Committee member of Korean Fine Arts Association, Committee member of SHINJAHKJEON, Korea Fine Art Festival, Korea Watercolor Association, Seoul Academy Fine Art Association, KAMA, etc.

Teaching in Western Painting at Culture Center HOLDING INSTITUTION Sejong Gallery, Foreign Affairs and Trade, Soongsil University, Nonghyup, Seil CC, etc. Cockscomb, the Flower of Healing – I and Another Myself – The artist puts fidelity to realism and naturalism aesthetics, was aimed at expressing an idea occurs in the mind by using nature. In addition, she used the formative colors and techniques, to present her painting that united by the essence of the Cockscomb works and the passion for the artist’s life. Cockscomb, artist material selected works from recent several years, is the bowl that put her life. To living her life more than half a century runs her course in the women of the Republic of Korea, she felt the beauty of happiness, joy, accomplishment, as well as felt the trauma given by the injury, anguish, grief…… She is now looking gently at everything in an objective gaze, is projecting the Cockscomb with blooming passion, and expresses the homogeneity of artist and the subject. Under the hot summer sun light, Cockscomb is the flowers which have elegance, pride and a great sense of strength. At the same time, cockscomb exists in the most simple and familiar wild flowers with a low posture. Released energy from the feast of the Cockscomb turns out the story in the canvas as an creativity expression of the artist only. It is the ultimate goal of the artist to contemplate her life with art, and then to represent taking led to deep identity of her life.