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Jong-kyoung Lee -이종경 (1966 KR)


1993 Graduated from the Fine Art Department of Chugye University


1991 Korea National Art Exhibition (National Museum of Contemporary Art) Shinmisung Daejeon (Design and Packaging Center / Seoul) 1993 Exorcia Exhibition (Gallery Dool / Seoul) 1995 Two Visions (Vis vabarati Uni / India) 2001 Shin Simeedang Art Competition (Gangneung Cultural Promotion Agency) 2004 Our Young Artist Exhibition (Jebul Gallery / Gwacheon) 2005 Dae-wan international placard art exhibition (Baekun reservoir / Uiwang) Daejung art hall (Taebaek culture and art hall) growing up in artist`s family (Myung-jin Art Center / Gwacheon) Myunhyang Art Center 30th Anniversary Exhibition (Anyang Art Promotion Center) Easter Memorial Sharing Exhibition (Saejungang Church – Vision Center, Pyeongchon) Regular exhibition “lovely edition” (Insa Art Center, Seoul) Family Exhibition – 10-year-old children Exhibition (Jinheung Art Hall, Seoul)


2007 Christian and Contemporary Art ‘Holy Imagination’ Exhibition (Jinheung Art Hall, Seoul) Sofa Art Museum (Jinheung Art Hall, Seoul) (Seoul Art Center, Seoul) Seoul Open Art Fair (Samsung-dong COEX, Seoul) soul & emotion (Sai Art Gallery, Seoul) 2009 Permanent Exhibition (pastis, vencouver Canada) 2011 Tanchon Contemporary Artists 3 times – Tanchon Contemporary Painting Masterpiece Exhibition (Seongnam Art Center) Nias Love Sharing Special Exhibition (Seongnam Art Center) Lovers Exhibition (Namsong Art Museum) 2012 Spring of the Southern Song (Southern Song Museum) Fourth Contemporary Artists of Tancheon – Tanchon Contemporary Painting Masterpiece Exhibition (Seongnam Art Center) 2013 Tanchon Contemporary Painting Masterpiece ‘Red’ (Seongnam Art Center) 2014 Cube-Independent (Artist Cube ARTIST CUBE, Seoul) 2016 Taekcheon Contemporary Artists 6th Exhibition (Seongnam Art Center) Props -harmony (Gallery M., Gallery Pitch) Healing Art Festival (Seoul, COEX) KIAF (korea Interernational Art fair Seoul, COEX) Exhibition (Seongnam Art Center)



2001 Church of Seongjeong – Vision Center (Pyeongchon) 2002 Kwanhoon Museum of Art (Seoul) 2003 Seoul Arts Center (Seoul Art Fair) 2004 Jinheung Art Hall (Seoul) 2005 Promised Land (Suzyung Village Church) 2006 Gallery Tablo (Seoul) 2007 Global Church (Bundang) 2008 Sai Art Gallery (Seoul) Inha University Hospital (Incheon) 2011 Global Church (Bundang, Suwon) 2012 Hyun Gallery (Seoul) 2013 Gallery Cafe, Community Center (Ilsan City) 2014 Gallery Mac (Mapo Art Center) 2016 WM Gangnam Finance Center (Seoul) career 1994-1996 Visva-Bharati Uni. (INDIA), studying in India. 1997-2003 Anyang Lecture 2005-2006 Lectured at Chugye University of Arts 2009-2010 Working in Vancouver (Canada)