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Ivana Milev (1987 RS)


“Ivana Milev works with a great of self-discipline. She is a sculptor with the mind of an engineer. She “weaves” an endless structure with her dexterous hands and is fascinated with its spatial progression.

 She confronts herself with a serious problem or task: to be impeccably accurate, because she wants her work to be “technically perfect” in terms of design. Her obsession with structure is what puzzles when one observes her sculptures, because it is difficult to determine whether they have been created by a machine or a human hand.

Transparency of the sculptures can be deceiving. They might seem to be fragile forms that can break down just by looking at them, let alone by touching them. It makes us come very close to the sculpture in order to look carefully at the combinations of elements that make the whole.

The emblematic meaning of Ivana’s work does not lie exclusively in the final product. It lies also in the amount of time invested in creating it. A very long period of creating inevitably poetizes the final structure. There is something sublime in one’s decision to dedicate almost an unlimited amount of time to someone or something with the aim of getting everything right.” Milan Nasković.







Since 2011 at PhD studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade.

2011 – Graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Department of Sculpture.



2015 ‘The Young’, Nis Art Foundation

2013 The main prize in the category ‘Arts’, Club Superste (You are super)

2011 Award for sculpture, the exhibition ’Creative or cloned’ o3one, Belgrade

2011 The great award ’ RISTA AND BETA VUKANOVIĆ’ , Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade

2011 The first award of the Faculty of Fine Arts for mosaic

2009 Award of Municipality ‘Savski Venac’ for a sculpture, Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade

2004 ‘Belgrade angels’ award

2004 Silver Medal in Shankar’s International Children’s Competition, New Delhi


Selected solo shows:

2017 ’The Unity of Multitude’, PhD show, Zepter Museum Belgrade

2016 ‘Graeae’, The Cultural Centre of Belgrade

2015 ‘[Un] Limited’, Belgrade Youth Center

2013 ‘Rhythm of elements’, Modern gallery, Lazarevac

2013 Drawings, Studio exhibition, Dusseldorf, Germany

2012 ’Inner layers’, Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery, Belgrade

2009 ‘Complex’ , a sculpture in public space, Graz, Austria


Sculptures in public space:

2010 ‘2523’ Stuttgart, Germany


Public collections:

2015 ‘Un/Limited I’ (collage) and ‘Un/Limited II’ (collage), Courtyard Marriott Hotel, Belgrade

2015 ‘Stretching’ (sculpture), Philip Morris collection

2015 ‘Dis/Order’ (sculpture); ‘Un/Limited III’ (collage) and ‘Un/Limited VI’ (collage) , Zepter Museum, Belgrade

2012 ‘Relief I’ and ‘Relief II’, Terrapanonica

2011 ’2km’ (sculpture), Zepter Museum, Belgrade