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Dario Barsottelli (1959 IT)


Born in Viareggio (Lucca) in 1959. He lives and works in Camaiore, Lucca

He completed studies in sculpture and graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, where he graduated in sculpture in 1984. ‘Disciplines plastic teacher and shape analysis at art schools. Since 1992 he has dedicated himself to graphics, with photographic operations, and music. In particular, until the last few years, he has developed electronic intervention techniques on photographic matrix images, graphics and painting, interpreting the use of computer-art as the instrument and for the genesis of complex shapes always connected to painting to sculpture, to photography. He studied jazz saxophone at the C.A.M. from Florence; with Bruce Gertz, Greg Badolato at the Berkeley Jazz School in Perugia, directed by John Thomas. Since 1994 it has developed an activity which aims at realizing a multimedia communication, involving music and visual and performing activities in a single expressive nucleus; especially he dedicated to the production of abstract forms in the field of computer graphics. In his research prevails a marked interest in experimenting in the fields of visual arts, electronic art, music in their aspects of mutual interdependence. In 1999 he held a seminar lecture on their work in the field of computer graphics at the Museo Pecci of Prato. In 2008, he teaches forming and Materials Technology at the ‘Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan. In July 2009, he inaugurated the exhibition space StudioMir, with the collaboration of Laura Mare.






1982 Sculpture to Versilia, Pietrasanta (Lu) 1982 .20 Jahre Partnershaft “, Ingolstadt, Germany 1983. “10 days young people,” Palazzo Paolina, Viareggio 1984. Expo-Arte, Bari 1985. Artists in the square, Seravezza 1986. “Youth International Marble”, Viareggio 1986. Staff at the Contemporary Art Center of Documentation, Pietrasanta 1991. Stoppages entropy. Barsottelli, Cinelli, De Persis, Marani, Petrone, Tamilia, trotters, Zimecki, edited by Laura Mare; Town of Grosseto, Cassero Mediceo, 13 to 30 April 1991 1991 – Show collectively Busan, South Korea, 1996 Participation with performances, sound and graphic speech at Symposium Schrattenberg (Austria), 1998 Between writing and image. Sign, icon, languages, Villa Gori, Stiava, Department of Culture, Municipality of Massarosa (LU), 26 Sept.-10 Oct. 1998, edited by L. Sea Sofo 1998- Glu Glu (7000 turkeys), collective performance, performative and graphic work mixer, together with E. Miccini, A. Bove, et al. Pieve di Campi, Parma ,. November 14, 1998 1999- staff- Florence, Danny Rock, Pub Restaurant. (April- June). Sofo 1999- Glu glutamic Collective, Gall.La Court Contemporary Art, Florence, November 7th. 2000-05: photo manipulation to the computer, using various techniques. 2006 “Stop Violence Against Women” Art Exhibition on “denied rights”, 18/30 sett., edited by Amnesty International Lucca Ducal Palace, LUCCA 2006 – Personal Exhibition, Prince of Piedmont, org.Centro ANTARES, Viareggio, September. 2006

2008 PLACES OF ‘UTOPIA. State of the art in the making, edited dell’Ass.Cult.BAU, Villa Bourbon, Viareggio, 28 July-24 August; 2009 FOTOX1000, collective photography, in June 2009, ROME 2009 Dario Barso, 10 Easy Pieces, Personal exhibition, Studio MIR, 27.06.09- 07.15.09, Bargecchia, Massarosa (Lucca); 2009 KLANG! artist’s musical instruments, collective, organized by cultural BAU at Villa Paolina, Viareggio (7-8-9 August 2009), (with performance); 2009 Metamorphosis of Eros, the Collective “MXM Contemporary Art”, Pietrasanta (LUCCA) 9 / 19Agosto 2009 PRO_PONENDO (New proposals for contemporary art) FAIR 20/24 August PALASPORT FORTE DEI MARMI LUCCA 2009 STEP 09- Music Performance and Art Gallery MILAN 9/10/11 in October 2009 food- Elements Art, Oct. 16 / Nov. 12, Maffei Contemporary Art Viareggio 2009 The wall-1989-2009 a great gift for the .collettiva humanity, STRESA 12.12 -6.1 2009 VISIONI- PERSONAL -art cafe BICYCLES the 17 December-14 jan., MILAN HARD DISK 400- 2009 Installation, Studio MIR 20 December-20 gen.Bargecchia Massarosa Lucca 2010 BAF -Bergamo Art Fiera.15 / 16/17/18 gen.Mostra modern art market and cont. 2010 “Metamorphosis” -Staff Palazzo Medici SERAVEZZA, as part of Seravezza Photography March 5 to 14 2011 IN CONTEMPORARY – Nine artists from the Versilia-1980-2010- by Antonella Serafini – PIETRASANTA – church and cloister of St. Augustine 2013 FROM May 18 to June 16. Berlin DIVERSITY ART GALLERY, ART MEDIA DIVERSITY DAM UG. Jennifer Gregorian. Leinestraße 14 BERLIN 2013 simultaneously IX of the exhibition Contemporary Art Day contemporary by Mario Napoli open until October 19, 2013 Genoa, SATURATED art gallery 2013 NEW CODE- New visual-art codes FERRARA Castle Estense.25-27 October 2014 International art exibition, Modena- Via Arbeitgeberverband-January 25 2014 International art exibition, MODENA-Palazzo Comunale-Cellars Scolopi June 23-July 4 by Daniele Gozzi 2014 7 INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL ART OF FERRARA-Monumental Complex of St. Paul, great-Piazzetta Cloister schiatti-Ferrara June 21 to 29 performing activities: 2014 staff. Art Paolo Maffei Via Riello 5 Padua 2016 Art salerno 2016