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Danka Dimitrijevic (1979 SR)


About Danka’s work

“At the time of overemphasizing everything that surrounds us, the increasingly aggressive modern artistic paradigm, “the term creative seems to keep disappearing in the being of a piece of art“1. In its global manifestation, today’s art most frequently speaks using the signs of mass culture, “losing the boundaries of its creative profile and identity“.2 Nevertheless, within new practices and theories, in a multitude of possibilities of artistic expression, there are more and more artists who possess modern sensitivity and commitment to creative undertakings.

One of them is Danka Dimitrijević, whose works act with free creation and creative synthesis. The artist graduated from the Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, where she also earned her master’s degree, in the class of Professor Gordan Nikolić. She received her PhD degree at the same faculty, and her mentor was Velizar Krstić. As the topic of her doctoral dissertation, she chose orgone energy, whose creator was the Austrian psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich, who considered the existence of special, vital, omnipresent energy.”  Suzana Novčić



2012             She finish doctoral art studies ( PhD) at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Belgrade, Serbia in the class of Professor Velizar Krstić

2003-2005       Postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Belgrade,

                        (Major Course: Painting) in the class of Professor Gordan Nikolić, Graduated with GPA 10.00;

2002                Graduated with GPA 9.34 and was awarded the prize ”Perspektive XXIX” by

                        Yugoslav Art Gallery in  Belgrade

1997-2002      Studied painting, as a full time student, in Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of  Belgrade ( in the class of Professor  Gordan Nikolić)

2004-2005       During 4th and 5th years of studying, a beneficiary of the Belgrade Municipality scholarship and the grant of the Republic Foundation for Young Talents;

1994-1997       Attended the High School of Kraljevo ”Mirko Vuković”

1986-1994       Attended the Elementary School ”Dimitrije Tucović”, Kraljevo

Solo Exhibitions:

2016                Exhibition “Mathematics is clear”, Gallery Art for All, Belgrade, Serbia
2016                Retrospective Exhibition “Revolutionary Song”, National Museum Kraljevo, Serbia
2015                Exhibition “Bonjour madame”, Gallery SULUJ, Belgrade, Serbia
2014                Exhibition “Open Studio”, Cité internationale des Arts, Paris, France
2012                Exhibition “Próxima estación”, Gallery Cultur Center GRAD, Belgrade, Serbia
2011                Ph.D. exhibition “Orgon”, Gallery “FLU”, Belgrade, Serbia
2011                Exhibition of drawings, Gallery “Cultural Centre Ribnica”, Kraljevo, Serbia
2009                Exhibition of paintings, Gallery ”Mostovi Balkana”, Kragujevac, Serbia
2008                Exhibition of paintings ”DNK”, Gallery Stara kapetanija, Zemun, Serbia
2006                Exhibition of paintings, Gallery “Ilija M. Kolarac”, Belgrade, Serbia
2005                Multimedia project – Installation “Anamorfoza”, in Student Cultural Centre (SKC), Belgrade, Serbia
2005                Exhibition of paintings “Red Lady”, Cultural Centre Gallery, Niš, Serbia
2005                Master exhibition of paintings, Gallery “FLU”, Belgrade, Serbia
2004                Exhibition of drawings, “Art Gallery”, Saint Stefan Peninsula, Montenegro
2003                Exhibition of paintings, Gallery ” Marko K. Gregović”, Petrova, Montenegro
2003                Exhibition of paintings and drawings, Gallery “Vladislav Maržik”, Kraljevo,  Serbia

Group Exhibitions:

2015               Secondly Belgrade Triennial of drawings and small plastics, Belgrade, Serbia

2014               Exhibition of painting, Executive Group, Group Š.U.N.D., EGallery, Belgrade, Serbia

2014               MULTIPOINT, Galeria SPP, curated by Nora Sulikovà, Nitra and Bratislava, Slovakia

2014               Exhibition of painting in collection Glo’Art, Lanaken, Belgium

2011               Exhibition of art group Kg of green, Gallery “UK Vuk Karadžić”, Beograd, Serbia

2010               Exhibition “Nord Art” KiC Art in Carlshütte, Büdelsdorf, Germany

2010               Exhibition, Belgrade Festival of flowers, Gallery ”Progres”, Beograd, Serbia

2010               Exhibition of art group “Kg of green”, Gallery FLU, Beograd, Serbia

2010               Winter Exhibition, Gallery “Ilija M. Kolarac”, Belgrade, Serbia

2009               Winter Exhibition, Gallery “Ilija M. Kolarac”, Belgrade, Serbia

2009               Exhibition, Gallery “ULUS”, Belgrade, Serbia

2008               Exhibition Henkel art award for drawing, Gallery “Kuća legata”, Belgrade, Serbia

2008               Winter Selling Exhibition, Gallery “Ilija M. Kolarac”, Belgrade, Serbia

2008               Winter Exhibition, Gallery “ULUS”, Belgrade, Serbia

2007               Exhibition of Niš Art Foundation in Belgrade, Niš and Novi Sad, Serbia

2007               Winter Exhibition, Gallery “Ilija M. Kolarac”, Belgrade, Serbia

2007               Big Winter Selling Exhibition, Gallery “ULUS”, Belgrade, Serbia

2006               Annual Exhibition, Gallery “Ilija M. Kolarac”, Belgrad, Serbia

2006               Exhibition of Kraljevo Artists in Veliko Trnovo, Bulgaria

2006               The Second Biennale of Kraljevo art, National Museum of Kraljevo, Serbia

2005               Autumn Exhibition, Art Pavilion “Cvijeta Zuzorić”, Belgrade, Serbia

2005               Autumn Salon, Gallery “Cultural and Educational Centre of Rakovica”, Belgrade, Serbia

2005               Exhibition “Novembarski likovni salon”, Gallery “ULUK”, Kraljevo, Serbia

2005               Exhibition of Art Colony “Studenica”, Gallery “Vladislav Maržik”, Kraljevo, Serbia

2004               Exhibition of New Members of ULUS (Association of Fine Art Artists of Serbia), Art Pavilion “Cvijeta Zuzorić”,

2004               Exhibition of  The First Biennale of Kraljevo Art, National Museum of Kraljevo, Raška and Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia

2003               Exhibition of Art Colony “Pale- Jahorina”, Sarajevo and Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2002               Exhibition  ”Perspektive XXIX” Yugoslav Art Gallery,  “Gallery on  Andrićev  Venac” and “Gallery Near Theatre”,

2002               Big Winter Selling Exhibition of Students Works, Gallery “FLU “, Belgrade, Serbia

2002               Exhibition of Drawings and Small Plastic, Youth Institute Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

2002               Exhibition of Student’s Drawings, Thessalonica, Greece

2001               Exhibition of Drawings and Small Plastic, Youth Institute Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

2000               Exhibition of Drawings and Small Plastic, Youth Institute Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

2000               New Years Greeting Cards Auction Exhibition, Gallery “Paleta”, Belgrade, Serbia

                        Many collective exhibitions of members of ULUK, Gallery “Vladislav


2002              “Perspective XXIX” prize by Yugoslav Art Gallery in Belgrade