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Damjan Kovačević (1983 SR)


“Damjan Kovacevic is an unpredictable artist whose own creative universe is derived from inherited yet personally interpreted fantastic, symbolic, exoteric, mythological and biblical references .There is a big focus and inspiration behind the work of this artist. His unquestioned, agile and precise line has a powerful emotional involvement and a dramatic restlessness. The true primordial human scream is embodied on the canvas by agitated and vibrating brushstrokes. Damjan  Kovacevic’s work, in which an eschatological inexorability prevails, represents a dialogue of nightmares and a dying civilization. The cruel reality of raw real life, the historical schizophrenia that took place in former Yugoslavia, the conflicting forms of those invisible, underground streams –they all have passed through the filter of Kovacevic’s intuition, and thus are shown in his art. These external impulses have turned into very personal artistic forms of expression. Therefore, Damjan Kovacevic’s art is rich in apocalyptic images, dramatic sights and convulsions of human bodies, whereby every carefully executed detail is artistically calculated and compositionally balanced, as a part of an organic, artistically evocative, organized totality.”

 Dragan Jovanovic Danilov (writer and art critic)





First prize – Award Niš Art Foundation, Niš, 2015.
Award 48th Winter Salon, Herceg Novi, 2015.
First prize for drawing – Vladimir Veličković’s Fund 2010.
One month residence in Düsseldorf from Foundation Kulturraum Dusseldorf 2009.
Award for unique creative innovation – FLU, Belgrade 2008.

Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, 2013.


Selected solo exhibitions:
Drawings, Gallery of Art Museum of Montenegro, Atelier DADO Gallery, Cetinje, 2016.
Drawings 2012/2015, Art Gallery Canvas, Belgrade 2016.
Fantastic dream from 1884. gallery ULUS, Belgrade 2014.
Spiegel der Welt, Contemporary gallery Smederevo, Smederevo 2013.
Valley Kalchreuth, Gallery ’73, Belgrade 2012.
Surrogate, House of Culture hall of residence, Belgrade 2012.