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Angela Dwyer (1961 NZ)


Angela Dwyer’s oil paintings challenge preconceptions about abstract painting and what we consider abstraction to be. She makes abstract thought visible and concrete, using an array of methods of applying paint to canvas in precise differentiations of tone, applied in many layers, deepening the picture space while the colour itself dictates the movement, and as such the drawing within the painting, with the pure material of her oil paint extending beyond the bounds of the picture space in the process. Dwyer’s colour influences how we perceive the form and vice versa, just as the placement and composition of words are as important in her drawings as their meaning or their colour and contrast. Her artwork both in text and painting, mediates the space between language as image, and image as language.





1961 Born in Palmerston North, New Zealand

1978 Studied Art Conservation, Dunedin Public Art Gallery Otago School of Fine Arts/ Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin, New Zealand

1979–1981 Diploma of Fine Arts, Otago School of Fine Arts, Dunedin, New Zealand David Con Hutton Prize, Margaret Berger Painting Prize

1983 Studied: Gippsland School of Visual Arts, (Monash University) Churchhill, Australia Travelled to Europe, living and working in Berlin, Germany since

1984. 1988 Birth of daughter Alice, West-Berlin, Germany

1988 “Bestien”by Federigo Tozzi, Drawings, ComMedia&Arte Publishing Germany

1990/1995 Assistant to Mike Steiner, Performance Video Art, Research/ Artefacts Restoration Mike Steiner “Berlin Video Art” Catalogue Translation/Research Studio/Collection (now in the Hamburger-Bahnhof Museum Collection), Berlin Part time Teacher, English Private/ Treptow/Köpernick Berlin Language School

1996 Birth of son Jordan, Nelson, New Zealand

1998 Part-time Teacher of Drawing & Painting, Volkshochschule Siemenstadt Berlin

2001 Making-of Set Photography: „Baby“, Director Philipp Stölzl

2002/3 Theatre/Performance Tim Etchell’s “Quizoola” (director Johannes Grebert) Dresden Staatstheater T.I.F., Dresden/ H.A.U. Hebbel Theatre, Berlin

2006 Storyboard “Im Dunkeln”, Short film (Director Johannes Grebert)

2007 Art Direction „Schlaf Traum“ Videos, (Director Johannes Grebert/Philipp Stölzl) Schlaf Traum Exhibition, Hygiene Museum Dresden, Germany

2007/2013 Art-Direction/ Storyboards for diverse Film/Videos Katapult Film/VideoProduction

2007 Jour Fixe Lectures, Munich Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, Germany

2008 “Product Placement or: die Frage nach dem Wirken von Kunst”, Munich Academy of Fine Arts Student Workshop Curator Exhibition “Product Placement” Kraemer Kunstmühle, Munich, Art Direction Films/Videos for Ben Becker’s “The Bible”

2009/2010 Guest-Professor, Munich Academy of Fine Arts, Germany

2009 Waliser Stunde Scardenelli Poetry/ Angela Dwyer Painting, Cyan Press

2010/2011 Guest Lecturer/Individual student studio consultations Munich Academy of Fine Arts

2011 C/O. Berlin, Weber Agency „This is Sexy” Lecture on Colour

2012-13 Guest lecturer/Seminars at Kunstgut Art Academy Painting & Drawing

2013 Guest Lecturer in Drawing In.d. Institute of Design, Berlin Schule der Trunkenheit, 12 Drawings, Aufbau Publishing, Berlin Was Wollen Sie Noch? (What Do You Still Want?) 8 Drawings for the 30th Anniversary Edition Feministischen Studien (Feminist Studies) Free University Berlin. Lucius Press

2014/16 Lecturer for Introduction to Gestaltung / Lecturer for Drawing and Painting In.d. Institute of Design, Berlin


2016 Erhebung, Galerie Born Berlin, Berlin Lustra Bernet Bernard, Berlin

2014 Maelstrom, Gallery Born Berlin, Berlin The Tree is Broken, Gallery Born/Darß BRINK, Gallery SMAC Berlin

2011 Boys keep Swinging, Gallery Born Berlin, Berlin

2009 Give Sympathise Control, Gallery Elly Brose-Eiermann, Dresden, Germany Angela Dwyer, Gallery Born, Born / Darß, Germany

2008 Girls, dogs, falling cities, Gallery Volker Diehl, Berlin,

2007 This Is Sexy, AMT Gallery, Como, Italy Supreme, Macrorocco Gallery, Milan, Italy

2006 Let me take you somewhere, Gallery Volker Diehl, Berlin

2005 We All Fall, Berlin Landes Zentral Bibliothek Berlin (State Central Library Berlin) Angela Dwyer, Gallery Jörg Hasenbach, Antwerp, Belgium

2004 Irregular Squares, Gallery Volker Diehl, Berlin New Paintings, Gallery Königsblau, Stuttgart, Germany

2003 There´s Not Much Point In Only Having One Drink, Victoria Bar, Berlin

2002 Angela Dwyer, Gallery Jörg Hasenbach, Antwerp, Belgium

2001 Chthonic, Gallery Volker Diehl, Berlin, Germany

2000 Up, Down, Inside, Out; Gallery Großkinsky & Brümmer, Karlsruhe, Germany

1999 Dislocation; Gallery Volker Diehl, Berlin, Germany

1997 I shall require a Boat; Gallery Großkinsky & Brümmer, Karlsruhe, Germany

1995 Angela Dwyer, Gallery Volker Diehl, Berlin, Germany

1986 Marshall Seifert Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand Print Gallery, Carnegie Centre, Dunedin, New Zealand

1984 In the Heart; Zyndikat Gallery, West-Berlin, Germany

1983 Switchback Gallery, Churchill, Victoria, Australia


2017 Penetrating Paper Semjon Contemporary Berlin

2014 Between the Lines Curated by Mark Gisbourne Angela Dwyer, Martin Raabenstein, Josip Zanki Lieber Künstler, Zeichne mir! Part 1: Abstraction, Konkretion, Notation und Struktur Semjon Contemporary Berlin Black Market/Lehrterstrasse 37 Berlin Art Weekend

2013 Raum Farbe Raum, Georg Kolbe Museum, Berlin, Germany Herzflattern Junge Kunst der 1990er Jahre in Berlin, House of Parliament, Berlin Black- White, Unity & Separation of Polarities Gallery Claudia Junig & Martina Kaiser, Cologne, Germany

2012 Malerei Angela Dwyer /Martin Assig, Gallery Born /Darß, Germany

2009 The New Yorker Gallery /Unique, Claudia Junig, Cologne, Germany Farbe Konkret (Colour Concrete) Gallery Nord / Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin,

2008 Everybody knows this is nowhere, curator: Marc WellmannWendt+Friedmann Gallery

2006 AMT Gallery, Como, Italy

2004 Das Böse (The Evil), Guardini Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2003 Angela Dwyer, Harald Gnade, Alex Tennigkeit, Guardini Gallery, Berlin, Germany

1999 This a room like all the others, Installation, Hotel Künstlerheim Luise, Berlin

1998 Schwarz/ Weiss, Gallery Volker Diehl & Gallery Van Alom, Berlin, Germany Aids Lounge, Internet Project Kommunikation und Scheitern, Internet Project

1997 Chalk Circle, Michael Fuchs Gallery, Berlin, Germany

1996 Berlin Senate Werkschau 4: Painting & Sculpture, Neues Kunstquartier, Berlin Rückblick und Ausblick , Gallery Großkinsky & Brümmer, Karlsruhe, Germany

1995 Suitcases from Berlin – Objects from Berlin Artists, Massenberg Museum, Thüringen, 1994 5 Berliner Maler, (5 Berlin Painters) Gallery Volker Diehl, Berlin, Germany

1993 37. Sonderausstellung Verein zur Kunstförderung e.V., Darmstadt, Germany

1992 Auguststrasse 36, Berlin, Germany (with TW. Kang und Richard Jordan)

1990 Galerie Galeere 222, East-Berlin, Germany (With T.W. Kang, Christiane Grünenberg)

1986 Print Gallery, Carnegie Centre, Dunedin, New Zealand Marshall Seiffert Gallery Dunedin, New Zealand

1983 Regional Art, Victoria Ministry of Arts, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia