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Top Lot Art Gallery

Top Lot Art Gallery was born of the union of an art dealer professional group present in the market for decades that has decided to join resources and contacts to create a worldwide network of collectors, gallery owners, marchands, auction houses, museums, foundations, artists and art sector professionals. Our idea came from the sucess of social networks and thanks to the trust of many artists who chose us to represent them in world scale. As well as Trip Advisor we have achieved great results and we own thousands of contacts to be able to search almost every art piece available.

We assist artists in organizing exhibitions in various countries, piece donations in museums, relationships with auction houses and even by coaching artists on daily decisions to help increasing their popularity. Our goal is to become a go to reference for collectors who want to optimize their own collection by investing in easy economical access artists from the highest valuation potential.

Your art purchase is always accompanied by our Certificate of Authenticity.